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Jirni Volume 1

MSRP: $7.99
Deal price: $4.79 (40% off)
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Aspen Comics

Discover a whole new world of adventure!

Trekking through a violent and dangerous frontier of savage barbarians, devious thieves, and wild creatures, a warrior-princess named Ara searches for her mother, who was stolen away from her kingdom by a mysterious sorcerer with the help of his powerful D'jinn.

What great and terrible secrets await her i...


Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN!

Save 30% on the Legend of the Shadow Clan series for a limited time!

Aspen Comics  


What if a group of college freshmen suddenly got amazing superpowers? What if the powers were based on exactly what they were thinking at the moment?

Save 40% on Top Cow's Freshmen here at DriveThruComics!

Top Cow  

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