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Customer Newsletter for 06/21/2017

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Soulfire, Flare, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

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Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productAlpha Gods: Vol 2 - Betrayal #1
by AAM Markosia

In the year 2086 humanity faces a new threat, Extra Humans.

The government is struggling to cope with the growing number of mutants, aliens and supernatural beings who are living amongst us. People are beginning to panic and so, in 2050, the Department for Extra Human Affairs was established with a remit to try and contain the problem.

By 2086 the situation has escalated, so they have formed a new rapid response strike force, the Alpha Gods. Who better to police the Extra Human community than Extra Humans themselves?

The Alpha Gods stage an assault on a secret laboratory to save a young girl from an evil organization’s clandestine schemes.

Who is Nyssa? And what is her connection to the Alpha God’s leader, Paladin?

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Comic Spotlight!

SoulfireAll New Soulfire Volume 6 #2

Aspen’s premiere action-adventure fantasy epic returns in this all new jumping-on point for new readers!

Malikai has come to enjoy his life in the spotlight. Being the ward of a powerful titan of industry like Rainier will have that effect. But, something else is stirring in the air - some strange and unlikely forces are being drawn to him. Are they friends? Enemies? Both? As his true destiny comes knocking on the door, will Malikai be prepared to handle the truth about the universe and his place in it?

Nearly fifteen of the best-selling series created by superstar artist, the late Michael Turner, have culminated in this brand-new SOULFIRE adventure by Aspen’s talented creative team! Please join writer JT Krul, artist Giuseppe Cafaro, and colorist Wes Hartman as they bring readers back to the magic, myth, and everything you loved about SOULFIRE!

Featured Comics!

Featured Title

The Hitmen
by AAM Markosia

$13.99 $2.99

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Featured Title

Flare #46
by Heroic Publishing

$4.99 $1.99

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Featured Title

The Confectionaries #1
by Ringtail Cafe Productions


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekSamaritan: Veritas #1
by Top Cow

A woman with a vendetta decides she’s going to take down the largest military contractor in the world and has the means and a plan that just might work.

How do you bankrupt one of the richest, most technologically advanced and successful companies in the world?

You steal all their research and give it away to everyone.

Can she survive long enough to pull it off with the entire U.S. government trying to kill her?

Intended for mature readers.


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