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Customer Newsletter for 05/11/2017

The First Download Comic Shop

Free Comics, Judge Dredd, Bear Invasions, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

Didn't get enough comic goodies at your local shop on Free Comic Book Day? Don't worry, we have the hook up! Check out all of the exciting indie and small press completely FREE digital comics we have available here

Not enough? Drop by the DriveThruComics Sale Guide for great deals and discounts from publishers big and small all week long!

Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productCollective Of Heroes Free Comicbook Day 2017
by Scottcomics

Collective of Heroes presents:The Free Comic book Day Special Edition 2017!

  • 67 pages of comics
  • All Free
  • Info on our Collective of our epic super hero comics on the web

We make heroes because we love them. Whether teasing the genre or finishing lines at two in the morning, we love them.

We are an indy Collective that loves what we do, and when you read our heroes, you’ll love them too. We proudly present our third FCBD offering, a free variety sample of what we love.

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New Comics!

2000 AD2000 AD: Prog 1966


Mega-City One, 2138 AD. Home to 72 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America. Crime is rampant, tensions run a constant knife-edge, and only the zero-tolerance Judges — empowered to dispense instant justice — can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, his investigation into missing cadets has led to the discovery of a secret organisation...


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CrossingCrossing #1

M.C. was feeling pretty good about his brand new job as a DARC train engineer, when the absolute worst happens his very first day: he hits a woman walking alone on the tracks.

Occupational hazard?


But worker's comp probably doesn't cover haunting! M.C. is desperate to figure out if Nina is truly a ghost, or just a really annoying figment of his guilty conscience.


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Liberty DeceptionLiberty: Deception Vol. 1

On a distant planet, a military state is keeping us safe from cannibalistic gangs beyond the wall. Meet TJ, a renown war hero who's actually just an actor on a television show that everyone believes is real.

When he's fired from his job, no one can know that the show is fake, even his executioners, and when they recognize him, they want to aid TJ in his "top secret mission" to find all ways out of the prison complex. Having never shot a gun or punched anyone before, how far can he get before he's discovered as a fraud?


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Cogs & Claws
by AAM Markosia

$14.99 $2.99

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Featured Title

The Treasures of the Mictlan
by WP Comics Ltd.


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Featured Title

Merlin's Ring #1
by Affinity Press


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekWhen Big Bears Invade
by Renegade Arts Entertainment

Manitoba artist Nyco Rudolph and Alberta writer Alexander Finbow join creative forces to reveal the myth behind how the Benevolent Bears came to rule over us all.

An illustrated children's book for adults featuring beautiful Godzilla and King Kong inspired paintings of Giant Bears attacking major Canadian cities and landmarks.

Includes Grizzly Bear Colossuses attacking the CN Tower, Spirit Bears surfing the tsunami into Vancouver, a huge Bearnado ripping into Winnipeg, giant bear cubs playing jump rope with the Eastern Gateway pipeline, Polar Bear Behemoths dropping a glacier on to the oil sands, and the Giant Bears delivering a very Canadian wall to keep the Americans out.

At least that's what Granny says really happened.


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