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Customer Newsletter for 03/15/2017

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Judge Dredd, Think Tank, Fathom, and more!

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Greetings Comic Fans,

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Free Comic of the Week

Free weekly productCaliber Rounds #7 - FREE
by Caliber Comics

This Special Summer Preview issue takes a look at some of the exciting upcoming titles from Caliber Comics.

Contained within are preview pages, interviews, and more information on the following books:

Squalor, Untouchables, Disciples, P.I. Jane, Salt, and Amongst the Stars.

Plus a bonus story of the prelude to Inferno

...and of course the continuation of the History of Caliber from publisher Gary Reed.

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New Comics!

FathomAll New Fathom Volume 6 #2

Dive back into the world of MICHAEL TURNER’S FATHOM!

Aspen Matthews learns that saving countless lives has unexpectedly hindered her own life—as the rest of the world attempts to learn more about her recent heroics. However, the destructive peril she dispatched of returns in new, unexpected—and deadly ways!


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Flesh & SteelFlesh & Steel #1

From exile, a guardian Golem of steel is summoned back into battle!

Enticed by the promise of a place amongst men, the Golem heeds the call of the newly ascended Emperor in his campaign to destroy the very Resistance who created and abandoned him.

Raising his blade against those he once swore to protect, the Golem will face his greatest battle yet in a conflict that will test everything he is made of and lead him to discover the difference between weapon and warrior.


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SeanceThe Seance Room #1 - Seed of Change

The Seance Room is a place beyond time and space that exists inside of a castle owned by an eccentric ghost monger.  Six ghosts have been trapped there, each with their own expertise of the expired. Do you dare tempt fate and enter the Seance Room?

Issue one of the séance room opens the door of the mansion to career politician Senator Donahue. He crashes his car and his hopes at the Magic Manor and, in the Seance Room, he will have to account for his two-faced ways. In politics words are for votes, in the Seance Room, we wrap them around your throat and give you the rope.


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

G.I. Joe: Special Missions #7
by IDW Publishing

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured Title

Future Primitive
by AAM Markosia

$18.99 $3.99

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Featured Title

Think Tank: Animal #1
by Top Cow

$3.99 $1.99

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekJudge Dredd Megazine #371
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd



    Mega-City One, 2138 AD. This vast urban hell on the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America is home to 72 million citizens. Crime is rampant, and stemming the tide of chaos are future lawmen the Judges, empowered to dispense instant justice. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the Law! Now, after Dredd was critically injured in the Cursed Earth, his med-wagon has exploded...


    Some time in the near future. The world has finally been overrun by the forces of darkness. The Vatican’s last line of paranormal defence – The Congregation – has been overwhelmed, and sole survivor Alberic Van Helsing is wanted by the creatures that were once his prey. But something even worse has just been reborn: the half-vampire Balaur...


    Colonial Marshal Metta Lawson was appointed to the frontier township of Badrock on the planet 43 Rega, intent on stamping her authority on the colony. But in doing so, Lawson made many enemies, including Munce, Inc., the mega-corporation that funds Badrock. Hired killers have ambushed the marshal, and left her for dead out in the notorious badlands...


    Mega-City One, the cusp of the twenty-second century. Eight hundred million people are living in the ruin of the old world, a planet devastated by atomic war. Only one thing fighting for order in a metropolis teetering on the brink of chaos – the men and women of the Hall of Justice. Now, Dredd and Conti are battling a mysterious killer out in the Cursed Earth that has been seeking revenge...

$7.99 $4.99

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